New homepage

For another learning-by-doing reasons i made a new homepage with the YII PHP framework.
There will be some fixes in the next few days, like the onpage install is disabled at the moment. There is also an "official" beta link for v2 on the new homepage so the final version is near ;)




A beta is online!

So here it is :D

But please be carefull it's still a beta, but the most stuff should already work. Known problems are with Drag and Drop (some of the tree stuff works).

However it is a tabbed version, just for the web at the moment and just tested on Chrome and Firefox.
Please report any problems to me:
- Get in contact on the homepage
- Post a comment here
- Post a bug at the google code page

If you already want have the source you just can copy it from there, but it isn't minified at the moment :)

At least the link:
Start the editor in an popup (just click on the link)

Normal link


Some news about v2 (web beta prev. coming soon)

It looks like i can upload a beta preview from the web version next week :)

So i already told you some stuff from the new version, but here some other new features:
  • Save JSON string as file inside browser and air
  • Import JSON data from an url or a local file
  • Import XML data from an textarea, url or a local file

So with JSON data import you can open text files and put the content into JSONpad (like a .json file which you saved with JSONpad :D).



v2 in progress

JSONpad v2 is in progress! :D

So here is a short overview from the changes:

The most important change will be that finally the editor works in the browser and as air application from (mostly) the same code.

Another bigger step is that you can start the editor in multiple tabs. So now you can edit/view more than one JSON string at the same time ;D.

I also updated many stuff from 3rd party code like CodeMirror, Adobe® Air®, and more. Many things are faster now.

And maybe, but not for sure at the moment, i will include another design than the extJS default.

Oh yes and i forgot, JSONpad will become a GIThub project soon :)

Can't say exactly the time when i'll release it, but it should be this year!



v1.3.5 is online!

  • Bugfix for "0" and "1" strings
  • Added a "New" option at "File" which clears the form and the tree
  • NArrays and objects inside arrays have now an index number in the tree