A beta is online!

So here it is :D

But please be carefull it's still a beta, but the most stuff should already work. Known problems are with Drag and Drop (some of the tree stuff works).

However it is a tabbed version, just for the web at the moment and just tested on Chrome and Firefox.
Please report any problems to me:
- Get in contact on the homepage
- Post a comment here
- Post a bug at the google code page

If you already want have the source you just can copy it from there, but it isn't minified at the moment :)

At least the link:
Start the editor in an popup (just click on the link)

Normal link


Some news about v2 (web beta prev. coming soon)

It looks like i can upload a beta preview from the web version next week :)

So i already told you some stuff from the new version, but here some other new features:
  • Save JSON string as file inside browser and air
  • Import JSON data from an url or a local file
  • Import XML data from an textarea, url or a local file

So with JSON data import you can open text files and put the content into JSONpad (like a .json file which you saved with JSONpad :D).



v2 in progress

JSONpad v2 is in progress! :D

So here is a short overview from the changes:

The most important change will be that finally the editor works in the browser and as air application from (mostly) the same code.

Another bigger step is that you can start the editor in multiple tabs. So now you can edit/view more than one JSON string at the same time ;D.

I also updated many stuff from 3rd party code like CodeMirror, Adobe® Air®, and more. Many things are faster now.

And maybe, but not for sure at the moment, i will include another design than the extJS default.

Oh yes and i forgot, JSONpad will become a GIThub project soon :)

Can't say exactly the time when i'll release it, but it should be this year!



v1.3.5 is online!

  • Bugfix for "0" and "1" strings
  • Added a "New" option at "File" which clears the form and the tree
  • NArrays and objects inside arrays have now an index number in the tree


v1.3.4 is online!

  • Bugfixes at the tree form


v1.3.3 is online!

  • Register .json files for JSONpad
  • Updatet extern stuff like json2 parser, codemirror, jslint
  • New settings window available at help menu
  • Two validation levels (strict/low) available now.
  • Cast all values from a xml to string values inside the json


v1.3.2 is online!

  • Fetch JSON string from url
  • Save JSON string as text file method
  • Again a bit code re-design


v1.3.1 is online!

  • Tree filter input field
  • Adobe Air2.0 update
  • Bugfixes


v1.3.0 is online!

  • JSON validation (http://www.jslint.com/)
  • Some design changes
  • New application code design
  • XML window got an toolbar now
  • Bugfixes


    Informations to the soon coming update

    Building v1.3.0 at the moment which is not such a great step for the users but a much bigger step for me :)

    For more information and screenshots about the next version just read more...


    v1.2.1 is out!



    • Compress JSON string button based on jsmin by Douglas Crockford
    • Format button based on the JSON stringify function from json2 parse
    • Improved the performance loading big trees back to json string
    • Added quotes back to index names for a valid json string


    v1.2.0 is out!


    Now with Syntax Highlighting and XML convert! Pls read the "BEFORE UPDATE TO 1.2.0" post cause the automatic update will not work from a previous version!




    After a system crash i lost the self-created code-signing certificate from JSONpad. That's really bad cause the automatic update will not work if you sign the application just with a new one.

    So install v1.2.0 fails if you have an older version installed on your computer.

    To solve this problem you have to remove your old version and install the new after.

    However it looks like that removing adobe air applications is a bit difficult for some people so i'll post a little how-to (or go to Adobe Air Knowledgbase with same informations)


    Bigger App, bigger news

    For better information about updates and news i created a blog here. I also will post some technical infos about JSONpad here, like 3rd party plugins or some ExtJS user-extensions (ux) which are in here.

    I hope this could help some people getting some ideas for their own application.

    You can subscribe to the blog with RSS but you can also use twitter, cause all posts will automatically shown in twitter too.