A beta is online!

So here it is :D

But please be carefull it's still a beta, but the most stuff should already work. Known problems are with Drag and Drop (some of the tree stuff works).

However it is a tabbed version, just for the web at the moment and just tested on Chrome and Firefox.
Please report any problems to me:
- Get in contact on the homepage
- Post a comment here
- Post a bug at the google code page

If you already want have the source you just can copy it from there, but it isn't minified at the moment :)

At least the link:
Start the editor in an popup (just click on the link)

Normal link


  1. I've tried a number of json editors, and this one beats them all, hands down. It's exactly what I want. Ausgezeichnet!

  2. Thanks for this! Danke vielmals! ;)

  3. Awaiting the Air version with bated breath!