v1.3.2 is online!

  • Fetch JSON string from url
  • Save JSON string as text file method
  • Again a bit code re-design
Fetch from url
Now there is an easy method for getting a JSON string from an url. This idea was requested by an friend (thx to Stefan Bräu ;D)

Save JSON string as text file
As i played a bit with the Air2.0 functions i tried to make JSONpad available for files. It isn't fully implemented at the moment but for now you can save your JSON string as a text file.

Code re-design
I also began to make a web version from JSONpad. For this there will be again many re-designs inside the code. The reason is that i won't code two versions and my goal is getting most of the code working inside air & the newest browsers. I just can say the first look was much better than i thought ;D

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