Informations to the soon coming update

Building v1.3.0 at the moment which is not such a great step for the users but a much bigger step for me :)

For more information and screenshots about the next version just read more...

Features Overview

JSON validation
With the powerfull script JSlint i included a validation method. On errors you see the line number an position in a new JSON string statusbar. See the pictures for a screenshot.

Toolbar for XML Window
Small but needed was a toolbar for turning on/off syntax highlighting and copy/paste functions inside the XML window. See the pictures for a screenshot.

Some design modifications
I changed some buttons, changed the icon-toolbar style and some other stuff which looks more beautiful now.

Full code-re-factoring
The biggest change for me, but it's like nothing (at the moment) for users. I wrote 90% of the code new. Cause i learned a lot about ExtJS the last time, and i even did not liked my written code any more. At this point i saw again that this project is perfect for my experiences. I just took the main functions but designed a whole new application design for files and for code.
So, no i would tell you why this is for users interesting: It's much easier now to fill up the editor with features and one other reason is that i already planned some code inside JSONpad for the web (online version). Now the plan after publishing v1.3.0 is: Making the application multi-language-able (first for german and englisch), Tiny settings page, Planning and trying an online version.

At least some screenshots from the latest dev code:

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