v1.2.0 is out!


Now with Syntax Highlighting and XML convert! Pls read the "BEFORE UPDATE TO 1.2.0" post cause the automatic update will not work from a previous version!


Adobe Air & CodeMirror

After much coffee and many hours i got CodeMirror inside JSONpad. Thanks to "mschwartz", a user from the extJS community, who helped a lot for making a user extension for extJS. It just did not work in air ^^...

But now it does... mostly... there can be maybe some errors! but there is a toggle button where you can turn off syntax highlighting and getting back a normal textarea. This option will be saved the new xml file for remembering on application startup.

All will be better with Air2.0! there will be a full webkit support so my hope is (and i'll try it with the 2.0beta soon) is that you can use much more "techniques" like iframe with javascript source, what you normally need for CodeMirror.

Releasing date from Air2.0 is first half of 2010 ;)

so at least i hope the xml converter could help as it 'll help me. But if you found any bugs in conversion and/or syntax highlighting please tell me at http://groups.google.de/group/jsonpad


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